Clay Stock Pot

Clay Stock Pot is ideal for cooking and serving your delicious stews, braises and other curries that you have prepared using your secret recipes!

The Clay enameled pots helps to keep your food hot for long.

Our pots are functional and durable.

Sea food Bowl

Our Clay Sea Food bowl will bring the exquisite taste of your favorite sea food to your home.

These pots preserves the freshness of Sea food by retaining its nutrients and minerals.

These pots have a flawless finish and look great on your dining table.

Deep Fry Pan

Enjoy deep fried foods by cooking with our Deep Frying Pan!

Since these pots are made of high grade clay, deep-frying does not make food excessively greasy, because the moisture in the pot repels the oil, thereby reducing the harmful effects of deep frying.

Our pots are durable and can retain the oil content without drying up.

Multipurpose Cookware Clay Pot

Our pots are ideal for cooking and Serving.

They come in a rich red color which adds a distinct look and feel to your dining table.

They come in a Flawless finish and Graceful designs to add health and beauty to your life!